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Choreographic workshops in partnership with La Bruyère high school in Versailles and L’Onde – Art Centre in Vélizy-Villacoublay.

Within the specific frame of education through exploration offered to first-year high schoolers in France, 15 students from the high school La Bruyère de Versailles participated in choreographic workshops from December 2017 to June 2018.

This interdisciplinary project (dance and French), made the students active participants in a choreographic and literary creation around a theme, that of the city. Through movement and the spoken word, the objective was to transcribe an experience and personal feelings in relation to the urban environment with the goal of creating a 20 minute collective work. .

Immersed in Jann Gallois’ choreographic process, the choregraphic workshops accompanied the creative research process all the way to the performance. Using tools from hip hop and contemporary dance, the students were able to put together choreography that they then presented at a public performance on June 7th 2018 at L’Onde Théâtre – Centre d’art de Vélizy-Villacoublay.

Key figures
  • 15 participating students
  • 29 hours of choreographic workshops
  • 1 public performance
  • 2 styles of experimental dance: hip hop and contemporary
  • 2 high school subjects implicated: EPS and French
  • 4 shows seen in parallel to the choreographic workshops, including Quintette by Jann Gallois
  • 3 participating organizations
Professional artists
  • Aston Bonaparte – professional artist of the BurnOut Company
  • Yamina Benallal – professional artist of the BurnOut Company