Outreach workshops

In partnership with Espace Germinal – Cultural centre, Municipal school of dance and Charles Baudelaire high school in Fosses as well as François Mauriac middle school in Louvres.

Programming Quintette at Espace Germinal was the subject of an outreach partnership with several schools in the cities of Fosses and Louvres.

For 5 days in March and April 2018, 95 middle schoolers, high schoolers, and dance students discovered the work of the company BurnOut. Choreographic workshops adapted to each group took place in order to relay the choreographic process of Jann Gallois, and more specifically that of her last piece Quintette (exploration around weight/counterweight, the group, and trajectory).

For the middle and high schoolers, an introduction to hip hop and contemporary dance was made through several improvisational tools. For practicing dancers, the masterclass allowed them to develop their personality and uniqueness.

Through the discovery of an artistic universe, the students were able to understand creating new work through actual practice during the workshops and as an audience member while watching Quintette at Espace Germinal.

Key figures
  • 95 participating students
  • 14 hours of outreach workshops
  • 2 styles of experimental dance: hip hop and contemporary
  • 1 work by Jann Gallois attended: Quintette
  • 5 participating organizations
Professional artists
  • Aston Bonaparte – professional artist of the BurnOut Company
  • Deborah Moreau – professional artist of the BurnOut Company