Work 2021
30 minutes
30 amateur d

PREMIERE • 27th february 2021 • Paul Eluard Theater of Bezons (FR)

> Postponed to September 2021


Mandala literally means “Pure Land” in Sanskrit. It designates both the world that the soul can know once liberation is attained and the path to reach it. It is symbolically represented by superimpositions of geometric forms with perfect symmetry, whose harmony emanating from it classifies it in the “sacred geometries” visible in all religious currents. In this project, the game of geometry is the main source of inspiration translated by the simple arrangement of bodies constantly moving in space according to different qualities of movement while following a precise rhythmic evolution in order to emphasize the beauty of each moment.

With Mandala, I wish to develop a choreographic writing exclusively centred on the spacing through a piece featuring a large number of amateur dancers. The objective is to create an original choreographic work with an educational aim. Indeed, as the writing is essentially centred on taking up space and group effects, the gestures are totally adapted to amateur dancers. This allows them to discover my way of writing dance, my conception of movement and my different working methods while making them experiment “from the inside” the paths that a choreographic work goes through, from its premises in the studio to its performance in front of an audience. This project is also an opportunity for me to develop demanding writing tools centred on the spatialization of bodies, and is fully in line with the choreographic research I have been carrying out until now. 

Jann Gallois



Choreography, direction and costumes Jann Gallois
Sound design Charles Amblard
Light design Cyril Mulon

Production Cie BurnOut
Coproduction Paul Eluard Theater of Bezons 
With the support of the Val d’Oise district




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  • 23 March 2021
    Maison Folies
  • 27 February 2021
    Théâtre Paul Eluard

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