The Company

Founded in 2012, Cie BurnOut is a french dance company based in Paris. Only three years after its creation, the company got the support of the French Ministery of the Culture DRAC Ile-de-France in 2015 for the productions of Diagnostic F20,9 and in 2016 for the production of Compact. The company is also supported by ARCADI for the programming of the piece Diagnostic F20.9 in the region of Paris.

Since february 2015, the company is in residency in several differents cities nearby Paris, where the members of the company give many artistical missions to sensitize the population about the choreographical language throw the dance conception of Jann Gallois. The company will be in residence in Louis Aragon Theatre (subsidized dance theater of Tremblay-en-France) through « Territories of dance » 2017, with the support of the Seine-Saint-Denis department. 

Among the principal faithful partners who regularly coproduce and program the work of Jann Gallois, we can mention the theater of Suresnes, IADU, the CDC Atelier de Paris / Carolyn Carslon, the theater des Deux Rives of Charenton-Le-Pont and the theater of Bretigny-sur-Orge.

Photo © Gilles Aguilar