Cultural patronage

“Dance is above all seen music, a song of a visual and graphic body” Jann Gallois

Why become a patron of the BurnOut Company?

Research and body composition • Choreographic creations • Touring works • Outreach

Choosing to become a patron for the BurnOut Company is to be at our side, engaged in supporting the corporeal research and composition of Jann Gallois, accompanying her choreographic creations, and participating in the circulation of her pieces in France and abroad. Your support will also help develop cultural outreach programs carried out alongside touring shows in order to increase public awareness of choreographic languages.

Your important gift participates in the development of contemporary creation which Jann Gallois and her company contribute to through the prism of dance.

What are the advantages of patronage?

For your company:

Tax cut • Counterpart • Strengthening of your reputation • Contribution to regional identity • Boost for your image
Tax cut.

Your tax deduction is 60% of your gift amount and is limited to 0,5% of your total revenue before tax.

A return within the limit of 25% of the gift amount.

To envision together possible returns on your investment, do not hesitate to contact us.

Strengthening your reputation.

Supporting the company BurnOut means participating in increasing our visibility on the local scale (Île-de-France), as well as the rest of France and abroad during touring.

Contribution to regional identity in Île-de-France.

Deciding to support cultural actors is an important action that participates in the attractiveness of the region. In addition, this will allow you to promote Jann Gallois’ choreographic creations in order to enrich and diversify the local cultural fabric.

A boost for your internal and external image.

Accompanying BurnOut constitutes a boost for your company’s image. Communication concerning your support will benefit you as:

  • An attractive feature for your partners (media, clients, institutions etc.);
  • A factor reinforcing cohesion among your personnel via their implication and/or openness to cultural and artistic activities;
  • Your company’s engagement in the RSE initiative (Responsabilité sociale des entreprises);
  • A shared public between your company and the Cie BurnOut.

For individuals:

Tax cut • Actor of cultural and artistic development • Preferential fares and/or invitations
Tax cut.

The tax deduction is 66% of your gift amount, within the limit of 20% of your taxable income.

Become an actor of cultural and artistic development.

Being a sponor of our company is becoming an agent in the development of young choreographic creation and its transmission within an educational environment.

Preferential fares and/or invitations.

You can benefit from preferential fares and/or invitations for BurnOut company performances pending ticket availability. For all reservations, please contact us in advance.

How to become a patron of the BurnOut company?

You wish to support us and we heartily thank you.

For more information and/or to accompany you in the process of becoming a sponsor, contact Sébastien Castella, company administrator, at:

>Download the form to become a patron

After receiving your gift, we will send you a tax receipt.

For more information on patronage:

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