Claire Moineau

Claire Moineau, a specialist in Popping style, is part of a generation of hip hop dancers who dare to cross styles and artistic universes. In parallel to her work as a choreographer for the Uzume company, she performs for different choreographers such as Chantal Loïal (Zandoli Pa Ti Ni Pat), Arthur Harel (Fragment and All Long Far Away), Anne Nguyen (Promenade Obligatoire and Bal.exe) as well as for the Kisoka company (Le Soldat de plomb). Concerned about passing on her knowledge to the new generation, she co-founded with Caroline Landreau the AscEnDanse Hip Hop association, through which she gives classes, workshops and cultural activities. For several years now, she has been weaving an educational work that is close to her heart with the school environment through the companies Uzume, Difé Kako, Par Terre and BurnOut.