Razy Essid

Razy aka “Fever” grew up in the town of Angouleme (FR) where he discovered hip hop dance at the age of 13, and founded with friends the group “Crevard Crew”. In 2007, Razy moved to Bordeaux and joined the Breakdance crew “La smala crew”. The following year he collaborated with Alcide Valente from the company Etrange, followed by several years of touring with different companies such as Cie Ego, Hors série, Turn off the light, X-press and more recently Malka company. In 2018, in parallel to his career as a company performer, he created with other dancers of the new generation the crew “Lastsquad” with which they will gain international recognition, such as the “Battle Pro” and the famous “Battle of the year” which crowns them “breakdance world champions” the same year. Razy is passionate about Hip Hop culture in general, and decided to start creating and organizing Hip Hop events as well such as the international battle “Arka Europe” (since 2012) and the “Cypher party” which is a great success every year in Bordeaux gathering more than 30 000 people. Rich of all these experiences, Razy is an outstanding dancer who has a great technic, a rich vocabulary and never hesitates to draw his inspiration from other dance styles. Driven by an overflowing energy, he is often called “Fever”. In 2020, he joined the BurnOut company for the revival of the show Reverse.