Stanislas Kopec

Sound Engineer

Stanislas began his career in the music world as a drummer at the Zampieri school, but his passion for electronic music quickly pushed him towards “MAO”, computer-assisted music. From music to image, he made his debut as a producer and produced numerous titles for publishers such as GUM and Universal Publishing. In 2013, his studio’s and stage’s experiences lead him to go on the road as a “FOH” mixer. He thus perfected his skills in live music sound and the development of connected kits for the stage. Always curious to discover and experiment with new tools, he then has worked with different artists on projects combining music, dance and video. The media are crossing more and more, and it seems important to him to have a global understanding of these disciplines. He then has trained in lighting design, video mapping and the different protocols of digital networks linked to performances in order to develop his own works. Since 2019, he has been working in the BurnOut company for the pieces Quintette and Ineffable.