In Situ

Work 2023
25 minutes (estimation)
5 dancers

July the 1rst 2023 • Play Mobile Festival • Théâtre de Châtillon (FR)
July 7th & 8th 2023 • Cratère Surface Festival • Scène Nationale d’Alès (FR)

In an increasingly demoralizing geopolitical and economic context, it is urgent to act as close as possible to the people in order to counterbalance this general weight by spreading a wave of joy wherever this project would take place. With In Situ, Jann Gallois wishes to take the first step by going to find “Mr. and Mrs. Everybody” where they are, in the square, in the train stations, in that too big shopping mall or that too small green space.

The choreographer’s intention is to intercept a moment in their often routine daily life, to suspend their time and space and to remind them of what vibrates above all in each of us, a joy of being alive. What message is essential to share today ? For Jann Gallois, there is no doubt that it is more important than ever to wake up this joy.

This generous, spontaneous and explosive dance performance has no other aim than to give a breath of artistic oxygen to all those who will be lucky enough to pass nearby at this time.


Choreography et costumes design
 Jann Gallois
Performers Juliette Bolzer, Valentin Goniot, José Meireles, Serena Pedrotti, Erwan Tallonneau
Original Music Charles Amblard
Outside eyes Laureline Richard & Frederic Le Van

 Cie BurnOut

Coproduction MAC – Maison des Arts et de la Culture de Créteil • Théâtre du Beauvaisis – scène nationale de Beauvais • La Comédie – scène nationale de Clermont-Ferrand • Le Cratère – scène nationale d’Alès • L’Envolée – Pôle Régional Culturel du Val Briard • Le Phare – Centre chorégraphique national du Havre Normandie • La Commanderie – Mission Danse de Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines

Jann Gallois | Cie Burnout is supported by DRAC Île-de-France – French ministry of Culture, by the Region Île-de-France and by the BNP PARIBAS Fondation as well.

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