Marie-Cécile Viault

Costume Designer

Marie-Cécile Viault was trained in the art of costume making at GRETA in applied arts and later at the trade association of Parisian couture at l’ENSATT. She discovered plant dye with Betty de Paris, patina at the Petit Atelier in Marseille, and one piece costumes with Dominique Fabrègue. She designed  and made costumes for various directors and choreographers such as Marc Lainé, Lazare, Julie Duclos, Sylvie Pabiot, Elsa Guérin and Martin Palisse, Sylviane Fortuny, Philippe Dorin, and Loïc Touzé. Marie-Cécile has made the costumes for all of Jann Gallois’ creations from 2013 to 2019.