Serena Pedrotti

Serena Pedrotti, aka Echo, is a freestyle hip-hop dancer and performer. Born in Italy, she was graduated in 2018 from the Department of Sociology and Social Research in Trento. At the same time, she started to built her professional path as a self-taught dancer, participating in events, workshops and battles in Europe and the United States where she had the opportunity to study with the great pioneers of this culture. Back in Italy, she approached contemporary dance by training at the CIMD and then worked for several choreographers such as Alessio Maria Romano, Giorgia Fusari, Filippo Porro, Silvia Dezulien and the Abbondanza Bertoni company in 2021. The same year and with the support of Yep (Youth Entrepreneur Path) program, she developed her own project called "RiGenerArte" which consists in offering artistic and educational services with the aim of raising community awareness on contemporary issues of social, economic and environmental sustainability. In 2022, she attended EDHA the professional training in Hip Hop and contemporary dance in Annecy and trained at the UMA - Urban dance academy in Geneva. In 2023, Serena joined the BurnOut company for the creation of the show In Situ.