Creation 2018, Reprise 2020

  40 minutes

A veritable physical and technical performance, Jann Gallois upends the senses and solicits five Japanese B-boys to not take their head off the ground. How can one find meaning in a topsy-turvy world like the one today, where we seem to be walking more and more on our heads?

Jann Gallois develops a choreographic language from different hip hop figures that she trained in, such as the Reverse, the Head Spin, and the Chair Freeze. From these figures, there is a whole range and variation of movements with the head constantly on the floor. Choreographed to the smallest detail, Reverse evokes the man-machine caught in the cogs of a complex and ordered system and evolves finally to leave space for a circular composition that softens the angles and progressively allows a collective osmosis to emerge. The creative process born out of constraint is a habit within the choreographer’s work.

Choreographie and set design Jann Gallois
With 5 dancers distribution in progress
Lighting Cyril Mulon
Music Christophe Zurfluh

Production déléguée Dance Dance Dance @ YOKOHAMA 2018 (Japon),Centre Chorégraphique National de La Rochelle / Cie Accrorap (France) Production : Biennale de la danse de Lyon, Pôle européen de création – Ministère de la Culture / Maison de la Danse aide pour la Biennale de la danse de Lyon 2018, Chaillot – Théâtre national de la Danse, La Coursive, Scène Nationale de La Rochelle, La Rampe – La Pontanière, Scène conventionnée – Échirolles

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